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“Smiles” from an early age

At the Smile Clinique, special attention is paid to the smiles of young patients. Take advantage of our orthodontists’ expertise to monitor the development of your children’s jaws.

Early orthodontic treatment: the key to harmonious development

Early orthodontic treatment for young children enables your orthodontist to :

  • Identify problems linked to jaw development
  • Correct misalignments or malpositions of the teeth as early as possible
  • Promote good dental hygiene, thanks to regular check-ups that help detect cavities and teach good dental hygiene practices (brushing, etc.).

The benefits of orthodontic treatment are not limited to monitoring the development of the oral wall. In the long term, orthodontic treatment can improve chewing, speech and digestion and help correct posture.

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When should you see an orthodontist?

At Smile Clinique, we recommend that you see your orthodontist at various stages of your child’s growth. These check-ups will enable us to monitor the proper development of your child’s jaw and set up treatment if necessary.

Here are the different phases of orthodontic follow-up recommended by the Smile Clinique team:

  1. Prevention phase (around age 6), which allows your orthodontist to detect any problems and ensure that your child’s growth is proceeding smoothly.
  2. Surveillance phase (between the ages of 6 and 12), during which your Smile Clinique orthodontist will monitor your child’s oral development and intervene if necessary.
  3. Treatment phase (from the age of 9), which is the ideal time to start orthodontic treatment, as your child’s permanent teeth are in the process of being positioned in the jaw.

What orthodontic solutions are there for younger children?

There are different types of orthodontic appliances for children:

  • Fixed braces, which are bonded to the teeth and cannot be removed during treatment. They consist of metal or ceramic brackets fixed to the teeth and connected by metal arches. These appliances require meticulous dental hygiene.
  • Removable braces, which can be removed by the patient for cleaning, are used to correct slight to moderate What orthodontic solutions are there for younger children?
  • Expanders are used when orthodontic treatment involves widening the jaw and rectifying “cross bite” problems common in growing children.
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Make an appointment with Smile Clinique, your orthodontist in Nyon ! Our dedicated team will guide you towards the type of treatment best suited to your situation to maximize the benefits.