Rates of our dental office in Nyon

In order to establish a relationship of trust with our patients, we guarantee total transparency regarding our fees. We respect the legislation in force concerning the pricing of care covered by insurance. In addition, we are at your disposal to provide you with the different payment methods available.

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All rates

Here is a list of our most popular dental and hygiene treatments:

Dental hygiene and preventive care

Descaling (with control X-rays)CHF 160.-
Dental check-upFrom CHF 90.

Aesthetic care

Dental whitening at homeCHF 400.-
Chairside dental whiteningCHF 750.-


Bruxism gutterCHF 160.-

Conservative and prosthetic care

Ceramic onlay≃CHF 1200.-
Ceramic crown≃CHF 1600.-

Dental Surgery

Placement of an implant and its crown≃CHF 3000.-

Dental care for children (under 10 years old)

Dental check-up + Scaling + PolishingCHF 80.-

In the event that care is required following a check-up appointment, a care plan and an estimate are systematically presented to the patient prior to the start of the care. The point value applied is 1.2 for dental care and 1.00 for the hygienist according to the new SSO tariff. The point value for Lamal, accident, CSR, PC/AVS is 3.10. Smile Clinique respects the new SSO pricing.

A sudden pain? A broken tooth? An abscessed tooth? Don’t let the situation get worse!

At Smile Clinique, your Nyon dental office neaŕ Nyon Hospital, we take care of all emergency appointments the same day, or within 24 hours.