Children’s dental care

Smile Clinique, your partner for the dental health of your little ones

Children’s teeth are still forming. It is therefore necessary to take special care of the dental hygiene of toddlers. Smile Clinique offers pedodontics (or pediatric dentistry) care to follow the evolution of your children’s teeth from the appearance of their first milk teeth until adolescence. Our doctors provide all types of dental care for children: scaling, oral advice, orthodontics, cavity treatment and dental emergencies (broken teeth).

Ensure your child’s healthy dental growth with our dental care.

Some good habits for your child to maintain optimal dental health

Relaxing the visit to the dentist in order to acquire a good dental hygiene

The first visit to the dentist is crucial to building trust between the young patient and the dentist. Smile Clinique advises parents to schedule a first check-up with the dentist between the ages of two and a half and three years. This visit allows your child to become familiar with the process of a dental examination and to receive oral hygiene advice (brushing advice in particular). From the first visit, it is necessary to schedule follow-up visits every six months in order to monitor the evolution of your child’s oral health as well as the permutation of his or her milk teeth by his or her permanent teeth.

The right diet for healthy teeth

It is important to ensure that your child eats a healthy, balanced diet. Such a diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables, favor dairy products and be low in sweets. To complement these good eating habits, brushing your child’s teeth after each meal is a key step in preventing tooth decay.

Monitor tooth alignment and jaw development

As part of your child’s regular jaw monitoring, you may be referred to an orthodontist at Smile Clinic. In children, orthodontic treatment may be necessary to correct jaw growth or tooth positioning problems that can lead to problems with sucking, speaking or chewing.

By taking care of your child’s dental health from an early age, you’ll help prevent cavities and other oral health problems, which can reduce dental care costs in the long run. You’ll also be empowering your child to maintain good oral health throughout their life.