Orthodontics: improve your smile with adapted treatments

Orthodontics is the dental specialty that aims to correct the position of the teeth and jaws. Orthodontics aims to improve the alignment and function of the teeth, thus correcting chewing problems and preventing long-term oral health problems.

The most common orthodontic treatments are fixed or removable braces such as “braces” or aligners. Orthodontic treatments can take several months or years, depending on the complexity of the case and the time needed to correct the position of the teeth. These orthodontic treatments can be adapted for patients of all ages.

Benefit from an orthodontic treatment that suits you

There are several types of orthodontic treatment that can be used to correct the alignment and function of the teeth and jaws. Here are some examples:

  • Fixed braces are devices that are bonded to the teeth and cannot be removed by the patient. They consist of brackets that are attached to the teeth and connected by metal or ceramic arches.
  • Removable braces are devices that can be removed by the patient for cleaning and are used to correct mild to moderate malpositioning problems. The most common removable appliances are aligners.
  • Expanders are used when orthodontic treatment requires widening the jaw and correcting “cross bite” problems, usually in growing children.

An appointment with your Smile Clinique orthodontist will allow you to define the type of treatment best suited to your case and maximize the results.

Orthodontic care for children and adults

Correcting the alignment of your teeth can be done at any age. It is recommended to start orthodontic treatment during childhood or adolescence, as the facial bones are still developing and more malleable at this stage of life. There are several reasons why orthodontics may be recommended for children and adults.

In children, orthodontic treatment may be necessary to correct jaw growth or tooth positioning problems that can lead to problems with sucking, speaking or chewing. In some cases, orthodontic treatment will help prevent future problems such as overlapping teeth, loosening of the teeth and gaps between the teeth.

In adults, orthodontics may be recommended to correct tooth positioning problems that were not treated in childhood. It can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth and to prevent certain long-term oral health problems.

Orthodontics is important for correcting problems with the positioning of teeth and jaws, improving the appearance of teeth and preventing long-term oral health problems for children and adults. If you think you or your child may need orthodontic treatment, it is advisable to consult a qualified orthodontist to evaluate your case and provide you with the appropriate treatment options.

Find out how we can improve your smile over the long term through orthodontic care tailored to your needs for a perfect smile and lasting results.