Dental care

Have a healthy smile!

Our dental office in Nyon offers a wide range of services: prevention, scaling, dental surgery, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and children’s care. Choose Smile Clinique, our smile experts will provide you with quality care that meets your expectations.

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All our dental care

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Dental hygiene care


Cleaning your teeth with regular scaling keeps your smile healthy. Our dental hygienists are professionals in the field of dental prevention. Their role is to help you establish a routine to maintain good dental hygiene on a daily basis. Our recommendation is to schedule a scaling every 6 months to maintain good oral health.

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Conservative and prosthetic care

Treatment of cavities, crowns, onlays, bridges and dentures

Our dental clinic offers conservative and prosthetic treatments to restore your smile to its natural beauty.

Following a cavity or a fracture, it is necessary to treat the damaged tooth but also to restore its function and aesthetics.

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Aesthetic care

Veneers, teeth whitening, dental jewelry

Because guaranteeing the radiance of your smile is our challenge, the Smile Clinic offers cosmetic dentistry care that meets your requirements. Discover among our dental treatments: teeth whitening to restore the natural shine of your teeth, veneers to dress up your teeth and transform your smile, or dental jewelry to add a little fantasy!

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Dental Surgery

Implant placement, wisdom teeth extraction

At Smile Clinique, our dentists perform all major surgical treatments such as extraction of teeth, dental implants and gum grafts. Our experience allows us to meet our patients’ quality requirements and give them a smile they can be proud of.

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Of which treatments by transparent gutters

Our dental experts help you transform your smile with our state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments! The benefits of orthodontics are not limited to the alignment of your teeth, but also contribute to the maintenance of your oral health and the improvement of your health. For children as well as adults (with discreet adapted treatments), the Smile Clinique team puts its know-how at your disposal for an aesthetic and harmonious result.

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Dental care for children

Smile* from a young age!

At your Nyon dental office, we provide all types of dental care for children: scaling, oral advice, orthodontics, cavity treatment and dental emergencies (broken tooth(s)). The Smile Clinique team pays special attention to our young patients in order to establish a climate of trust from the very first consultation, both to reassure them and to help them develop a proper hygiene routine to keep their smile healthy.

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