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Welcome to your dental clinic

We are delighted to welcome you to our dental clinic in Nyon.

Our team is composed of multiple specialized practitioners, to ensure quality care.

We are available and attentive to your needs to make your treatment sessions enjoyable.

We welcome you all week by appointment from Monday to Saturday.

Discover our different services

Dental hygiene care (scaling)
Conservative and prosthetic care (treatment of cavities, crowns, onlays, bridges and dentures)
Cosmetic care (veneers, teeth whitening, dental jewelry)
Dental surgery (implant placement, wisdom teeth extraction)
Orthodontics (including clear trays)
Child care

Some examples of rates

In the event that care is required following a check-up appointment, an estimate is systematically presented to the patient. The point value applied is 1.2 for dental care and 1.00 for the hygienist according to the new SSO tariff. The point value for Lamal, accident, CSR, PC/AVS is 3.10. Smile Clinique respects the new SSO pricing system

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Smile Clinic is

A soothing and comfortable place to make your treatment moments pleasant.

A welcoming and competent team that offers a wide range of treatments

Strong ethical principles such as respect and transparency.


How to find us

Smile Clinique welcomes you:

  • Monday to Thursday from 8am to 7pm
  • Friday from 8am to 6pm
  • Saturday from 8am to 1pm

: 022 552 91 91

Mail : contact@smilecliniquedentaire.ch

Address : 4A chemin des Saules - 1260 Nyon

Find us :

The clinic is located in the heart of the Saules district and faces the hospital of Nyon (GHOL).