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Our dental clinic in Nyon

Welcome to Smile Clinique, your independent family dental practice in Nyon. We are located in the immediate vicinity of the hospital of Nyon. Our team of specialists (dentists, orthodontists and dental hygienists) is here to enhance your smile by providing you with the best care. We consider that each appointment in our office is a meeting. Therefore, we take care to offer you a personalized, caring and focused on your needs.

Our smile experts are ready to listen to you and accompany you throughout your dental treatment.

Our dental care

Because good oral health is essential to everyone’s well-being… At Smile Clinique, our specialists are committed to ensuring that you have a healthy smile!

We offer a full range of specialties: prevention, scaling, dental surgery, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and children’s care. Choose your service, our dedicated team will provide you with quality care.

Our rates

In order to establish a relationship of trust with our patients, we guarantee total transparency regarding our fees. In the event that care is necessary following a check-up, a care plan and an estimate are systematically presented to the patient before starting the care. Regarding the pricing of care covered by insurance companies, we respect the legislation in force.

Some examples of pricing:

Dental hygiene and preventive care

Descaling (with control X-rays)CHF 160.-
Dental check-upFrom CHF 90.

Aesthetic care

Dental whitening at homeCHF 400.-
Chairside dental whiteningCHF 750.-

Conservative and prosthetic care

Ceramic onlayAbout CHF 1200.-
Ceramic crownAbout CHF 1600.

Dental Surgery

Placement of an implant and its crown≃CHF 3000.-


At Smile Clinique, everything is done to ensure that our employees benefit from a pleasant, dynamic and sharing environment. Our goal is to promote the development of our employees’ skills and professional fulfillment.

Our care team regularly welcomes new personalities and talents! We will be pleased to consider your application.

The positions for which we regularly recruit are the following:

  • Doctor of Dentistry in Nyon
  • Orthodontics in Nyon
  • Dental hygienist in Nyon
Smile Clinique Home Carreer

What sets us apart from other dental clinics

The health of your teeth is vital not only to your physical well-being, but also to your self-confidence. So choosing the right dental clinic is an essential decision.

Smile Clinique Advantages Picto Competences

Our skills and specializations

Our passionate practitioners have a wide range of specialties to meet as many needs as possible. If you have specific needs (orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, etc.), our dental clinic can provide the necessary assistance.

Smile Clinique Advantages Picto Accessibility

The accessibility of our clinic

Ideally located, our dental center is easily accessible by public transport, car or on foot. This can be particularly important for procedures requiring regular visits.

Smile Clinique Advantages Picto Quality

Our equipment and technologies

We use the latest technology, guaranteeing precise care and minimizing discomfort for the patient.

Smile Clinique Advantages Picto Prices

Our transparent pricing

It’s essential that our patients have a clear idea of the costs involved before making a commitment. We advocate transparency in our pricing, which you can find right here.

Smile Clinique Advantages Picto Proximity

Proximity to the patient

For us, this is the most important point. A warm welcome, an attentive team and a soothing atmosphere enable our patients to benefit from personalized care. We’re here to listen, to provide support and advice tailored to your situation.

Have a question? Please contact us!

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    Smile Clinique Home Contact Picto Time

    Monday to Thursday from 8am to 7pm
    Friday from 8am to 6pm
    Saturday from 8am to 1pm



    The clinic is located in the heart of the Saules district and faces the hospital of Nyon (GHOL).

    Smile Clinique Home Contact Picto Walk

    Access on foot: The establishment is located on the first floor (under the KENZEN establishment) and is accessible on foot from the road to Divonne.

    Smile Clinique Home Contact Picto Bus

    Access by bus (line 802 and 803): the TPN stop “Nyon Hôpital” is located fifty meters from the entrance.

    Smile Clinique Home Contact Picto Car

    Access by car: parking options in the vicinity are: the GHOL hospital parking lot and the parking lot of the Saules district (located under the Bessa bakery).