Conservative and prosthetic dental care

Conservative and prosthetic dental care: oral health maintenance and prevention

Following a cavity or a fracture, it is necessary to treat the damaged tooth but also to restore its function and aesthetics. Our dental clinic offers conservative and prosthetic treatments to restore your smile to its natural beauty.

Conservative and prosthetic dental care is offered when teeth are too damaged to restore function and aesthetics.

More specifically, conservative dental care aims to preserve the health and structure of teeth by repairing damage caused by cavities, fractures or wear. It includes treatments such as fillings (resin composites) to fill cavities or onlays to replace damaged parts of the teeth.

Prosthetic dental care is designed to replace missing teeth, protect damaged teeth and restore proper chewing. This type of care includes the installation of fixed prostheses such as crowns, onlays, veneers or bridges. In some cases, when the teeth are too damaged (partial or total edentulism), removable prostheses can be made (such as bridges or dentures).

In addition to improving the function and appearance of the teeth, these treatments have a positive impact on the patient’s overall health by allowing them to chew properly, improve diction, facilitate digestion and improve posture.

Conservative dental care for healthy and natural teeth. Benefit from prosthetic dental care to correct your jaw problems and replace missing teeth.